Common Sense Progressive Movement

This platform is all common sense. Input to improve and expand them is most welcome. Any input must apply to everyone on the planet, not be region specific, and have considerable social significance. And please do not tell us that these things can NOT be done. You would be lying. They can!


EQUALITY – for everyone/no exceptions00)00000

0)0FOOD – no one should ever have to go hungry

0HOUSING – no one should ever be without shelter0

0)EDUCATION – as much as each individual wants and needs

HEALTHCARE – universal health care for all – no exceptions

ONE PERSON/ONE VOTE – People should control government via a universal voting system – ensures a true continuous democracy – totally doable today

TOTAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM –  But complete separation of church and state

ANTI-WAR – War never makes sense – “defense” budgets need to be slashed. A 50% reduction pays for all infrastructure repairs and greatly reduces unemployment

BAN ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS – Ban all WMD’s now! This should not even need an explanation. This is death on a massive scale – ban them now

STRICTER GUN LAWS – Mandatory classes, licensing, registration and insurance. Guns are exclusively created to maim and kill. Educate people on their proper use and disposal

PRO-CHOICE – Believing in the integrity of adults, of both genders, and their ability to make responsible choices for themselves

RIGHT TO DIE –  Based on age and/or infirmities

RAISE PAY & FULLY TRAIN VITAL PERSONNEL – (teachers, police, fire, etc.) Our most important support groups are the least paid and even lesser equipped. Higher pay, better training, fully equipped.

CORPORATE TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – Close all tax loopholes – limit performance bonuses – annual audits for major corporations

FAIR GRADED TAXES FOR CORPORATE RICH – 50% tax rate at 10 million/ 80% tax at $100 million for the rich. A Corporate tax starts at 25% upward and graded on profitability, reinvestment, and employee benefits

GLOBAL WARMING – (proven beyond doubt) – immediate remedial actions MUST be taken NOW, if it is not too late already

PRO ALTERNATE ENERGY – solar, wind & hydro –  stop destroying the earth with high priced polluting oil and switch to free renewable clean energy – another easy choice

PRO-CONSERVATION and the preservation of public lands– this also should not need an explanation and goes in tandem with our pro-renewable energy policy

AUTONOMOUS INTERNET – ONLY the people should regulate and control the internet

EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE – No exceptions. This is common sense in its most simplistic form yet classes and castes exist even today.

FOOD– No one should ever have to go hungry. We can produce enough food now to feed everyone. Malnutrition is inhumane and should become obsolete.

HOUSING – It is possible if we have the will

EDUCATION  – education means progress and immeasurable future returns. Pro science and technology/ Pro the arts and humanities

HEALTH CARE – universal health care for all – No exceptions – No one has the right to say who will suffer and/or die – and who will not