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And feel free to donate as well. We are non-profit, but there are expenses involved in maintaining and, especially, promoting the website. If you are feeling generous, then a contribution would be much appreciated and used wisely. You can donate with Paypal, credit or debit, and even e-checks. Use the “DONATE” button in the right sidebar. Any little bit helps us get closer to true political freedom.
We need representation and CSPP Chapters in every country. And we will need website Administrators in every country. You can register as a member on the top right side of this page. If you wish to be an Administrator, or to start a Chapter for your country, then please use the “CONTACT” form and tell us about yourself, e.g. name, age, education, etc. To become an Administrator, you should be able to translate this website into your own language. We will eventually need accurately translated websites for every language.
To start a CSPP Chapter in your own country we ask that you be (minimally) college educated, progressive, and have a firm grasp on reality, truth, and common sense. Yes – those are very general guidelines but they are necessary and correct for our purposes. We are NOT here to set up another “establishment” political party. We are here for truth and progressive common sense.
If you need any other promotional material, or press release info, please use the “CONTACT” form to request what you need and for what purpose. Please only contact us in regard to promotional material, press releases, or other important matters. Our staff consists of volunteers at this time but we will respond to all inquiries.