Some questions you had – Answered

Do you really believe everything will be done as easy as you say it will?

Of course not! We simply made the solution easy enough for everyone to understand. Besides, whoever said that it MUST be complicated? Only those individuals who want to keep you in the dark. Common sense always tends to simplify things.

Are you Socialists or Communists? What are you?

We are neither. We are CSPP and that is all. We believe in common sense and progress. We prefer truth and simplicity over complexity and deceit. There are no hidden agendas here. We believe that truth also means transparency. Truth NEVER needs to be concealed.

Can I start a group in my own country?

Anyone can join us from anywhere. We do realize that this would be risky in some countries. Our small and discrete registration form makes it virtually impossible for anyone to know you are a member. And we will never give out information about anyone, anywhere. We value privacy.

How can I form CSPP in my country?

If you are sincere, we will work with you. Once we see that there are a few hundred members in any country, we will have our website translated and administered by someone from that country. We will also supply promotional material and support as needed.

What makes you think you will succeed where others have failed?

There are never any guarantees but we believe that truth and common sense have a good chance over the current lies, deceit, and corruption. I mean seriously – if you had your choice of the two, which would you pick?