We are the Common Sense Progressive Party and we want to put people – that’s you – in total control. That’s what a “true democracy” is. It’s a place where people hear the truth and then make their own common sense decisions when voting. It’s a place where people actually run politics.

Politics, today, is nothing more than the corrupt and greedy rich manipulating and controlling you with misinformation and lies. The rich get richer and the poor get even poorer. Statistics show that the top “1%” rich now own and control over 90% of all the worlds wealth. Projections also show that figure will increase dramatically in the next few decades.

This vicious cycle will not stop until people – the other 99% – that’s YOU – do something! We have a solid plan. It’s contains only simple truth and common sense because they, both, NEVER need to be complicated. It starts here – THE INITIAL FOCUS –



Once we have enough registered CSPP members, we will formally petition for construction and implementation of an internet “one person/one vote” voting system with redundant verification systems, maximum security, etc. This will guarantee your vote counts and only you will have complete control of it. In short, we will make sure that you have and keep that power. We will then enact legislation to free up some funds in the second phase –


*Enact legislation cutting defense spending by 50%. Let’s invest in living and not in killing. America spends as much on “defense” as the next 10 countries combined. A 50% cut means we will still have the largest and most sophisticated military machine in the world. AND we will get complete rebuilding of our infrastructure and virtually zero unemployment. Is that a bad thing?
*Enact an individual tax rate of 50% on earnings of 10 million up and 80% on 100 million and up. The rich have enough. The corporate tax rate should be 25% to 75% and be based on reinvestment and employee benefits. CLOSE ALL TAX LOOPHOLES. BAN ALL OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS. And then use some of these funds to enable and advance –


EQUALITY– for everyone, no exceptions, period

FOOD– no one should ever have to go hungry

HOUSING– no one should ever be without shelter

EDUCATION– as much as each individual wants and needs

HEALTH CARE– universal health care for all – no exceptions

If people are provided the simplest necessities early in their lives, can you imagine the benefits mankind will reap in return? There will be virtually no crime since the reasons for crime will disappear e.g. hunger and ignorance. And educating everyone that wants to be educated will pay back massive dividends in health, science, and technology.


Would you prefer to be with people who value facts, truth, and common sense in all things? If you want to help us change the world then come join us. We need like-minded individuals who will help us spread the message that there are rational people – who have rational answers – for irrational problems.

The Common Sense Progressive Party began in the summer of 2016 in the United States as a grassroots, global, political effort. There is no one in charge and no one seeking political power. We will NEVER allow that. We do have Administrators (like me) to assist you but that’s all. This is about a movement – not an individual or group.

We are people just like you – men and women – from all over America and the world. We are professionals and laborers but we are all equal here. There is no one in complete charge and no one who will take control. We’ll never allow that. That’s why we insist on the “one person/one vote” rule in all things. That’s a true Democracy! And that’s the only way that all people will ever truly be heard.
The Founders of this movement are a few, retired, professional men and women in their sixties who wish to remain anonymous because this is not about them. This was developed for the younger generation. This is for your future. This is a gift to you. It shows you the way to fix things. It gives you an easy and simple plan – a start.

When you join with us, you are simply agreeing that truth and common sense should prevail in politics. You can stay with your current political party if you wish. You do NOT even have to agree with all of our positions. Just agreeing that people in politics should apply common sense and be truthful at all times is enough. Help us spread the word!!!

Make things happen! Make things better!