In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
The revolution begins NOW!

America’s Youth Are America’s ONLY Hope!

I have a message for the youth of America. We have failed you and we have failed America as well! We are your parents and grandparents, age 50 or older, and we really screwed things up. I should know! I am one of them.

When we were young, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, we marched to end the war in Vietnam and fought for social changes. We wanted change and some of us even died trying to make things happen. That was what we started out to do but then we sold out instead. We became the greedy and corrupt people we once despised!

Our country is on the road to self-destruction and YOU are now our only hope. I know that’s not fair. I know that’s an immense burden that we’re dumping on you but there’s no alternative if America is to survive. America needs new blood and new ideas! America needs to purge itself of the greed and corruption that now rules every facet of our lives.

I am a semi-retired, 65 year old, white man who is NOT rich. I am college educated, a 3 time Vietnam veteran, former business owner, entrepreneur, and world traveler. I’m telling you this so that you know a little bit about me. Hopefully you will listen to what I am about to tell you. And no, there’s no catch.

Our current systems of politics and capitalism have put America on the brink of financial collapse. We have a national debt of OVER 20.5 TRILLION DOLLARS and that amount will increase substantially and quickly in the very near future. You will get stuck paying for this in your future!

Climate change has been proven and accepted by all credible scientists worldwide. And just about every country in the world is doing something about it. We were leading this effort but we stopped. Our President decided that climate change was a hoax and abolished all the “restricting” environmental rules meant for OUR safety. Corporate dumping and polluting are, once again, legal under the guise of “job creation”.

We can’t even protect our children in school! It’s impossible now because there are between 400 and 600 million guns in America? That’s almost 2 guns for every man, woman, and child in the country! Guns are made for killing. That’s their only function – period! The more guns you have, the more killings you have.

Blaming the oligarchy, or the NRA, or anyone else solves nothing. I could go on and on, and into more detail, but I think the point is clear. America is in its last stages as a superpower and perhaps even its existence. The old ways have failed. The current system is broken and irreparable! Change is necessary for our very survival!

This website has been up for 2 years now – waiting for the young to come and make it happen. Look it over – it’s yours – FREE! It contains ONLY common sense and the truth. Those two things should be foremost in your future planning. I will assist in the transition and serve in an advisory capacity ONLY. THIS IS FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF AMERICA!

You can email me using the CONTACT form on this website. Serious inquiries only please. It’s your future. I’m just trying to help. 

Help us save America BEFORE it’s too late!